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Historic Stone Farmhouse

A Little History

The original Stone farmhouse was built in 1829. The previous owners did MAJOR renovations to it, including a kitchen remodel, updated mechanicals and electrical wiring, second and third-floor renovations, new windows, and outside back patio updates. In 2010, the monitor barn was built and primarily used as a storage facility. The original bank barn was torn down because it was declared unsalvageable. The Carriage house was built in its place in 2009-2010, but also just used for storage. From 2017-2021, the property at 636 Saw Mill Road was on and off the market. The owners at that time were really searching for someone who had a vision for the property and who would keep the buildings and land mostly as is. Enter the Wrights…who had a vision and valued the property for its natural beauty and potential.

Meet the Owners

…Rob and Jen Wright. With eight grown children between them, they envisioned creating a haven where their family and others could gather, celebrate, and make lasting memories. Rob, a skilled remodeling contractor, and Jen, a dedicated educator, combined their talents and passions to craft their vision on Saw Mill Road.

It was in the spring of 2020, amid the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, that Rob stumbled upon a “For Sale by Owner” sign on Saw Mill Road. The charming Stone Farmhouse, subtle yellow barns, verdant hillside, and wooded grounds captivated him instantly. He excitedly shared his find with Jen, envisioning the property’s potential as a wedding and event venue. Despite initial concerns about affordability and the magnitude of the project, Rob’s optimism persevered.

Jen & Rob

In June 2021, Rob and Jen became the proud owners of this 10.5-acre gem. They spent the next 15 months meticulously transforming the once-unfinished carriage house into a beautiful forever home, and then began renovating the barn for weddings and events.  They officially opened the venue in September, 2023.

At The Manor on Saw Mill, Jen and Rob are committed to providing couples and families with a caring, memorable experience.  They welcome each couple into The Manor on Saw Mill as if they were part of the family.

News & Updates

Keep up with all the latest news and updates on renovations at The Manor on Saw Mill. Follow us on social media or check back here regularly to stay in the loop on the latest renovations and upgrades at our stunning countryside location.

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